Why You Are Just A Mom

Mom and Baby

I stared into the midnight sky. My warrior sat down beside me and the warm Vegas breezed washed over us. The silence we had been waiting for. The house after dinner is the kind of wild rumpus that can drive you to the brink of madness - or to the back patio. At this point, though, we are Continue Reading

The Party You Are Invited To Join

Thank You Boot

It's easy to hole up inside, isn't it? It's easy to find a comfortable spot, close the door, and lock out the rest of the world. It's easy to do this when you're tired; and it's even easier when you have to start all over again. It's hard to leave your real life friends.  It's hard when Continue Reading

When We Forget We Are Free

Sam sniffs freedom

We wrapped ourselves in layers and braved the blast of frigid air. Nothing like the 85 degrees we left behind in Las Vegas.  Montana isn’t for sissies. The crisp air crept up our noses and invigorated our already excited pack of six. Stomping across icy patches and past mounds of every Continue Reading

Why We Have To Slow Down

Ducks by the pool

We were still in the driveway when I crushed his little spirit. Try as I did, or did not, I couldn't contain the whipping lash of the tongue. And my 7-year-old crumbled. We couldn't be late, you see. He had to get that cavity filled. All he wanted was Lightning McQueen, but who really knows Continue Reading

When A Lost Sheep Finds You

Little Sheep

The wind was wild that day. I scrambled and swerved trying to get the cart to the truck without losing the little ones in tow.  Only two today - piece of cake.  Two or six, it takes a squadron commander's bellowing tone to force those littles into buckled seats.  I was too busy trying to grab the Continue Reading

When You Are Tired Of Feeling Guilty

Baby Hands

I only glanced into her eyes. I wanted to get my eyes onto the new life she carried with her. Sleeping soundly. That whole sleeping like a baby thing. The seasoned pros know what the novices learn quickly - sleeping like a baby is not sleeping at all. It's a brief peace interrupted by the Continue Reading

Why We Should Stop Trying So Hard

Foot of the Cross

Try. That's what we are all taught. Try your best. Try harder. Try to do it right the first time. If at first you don't succeed, try... try... again. A good, valid lesson. I tell my kids to try. My parents told me to try. Teachers implored us, Try. We try day in and day out. We try Continue Reading

When You Hear The Nagging Voice

Pink Bible

I did it again this morning. I’m not much of a morning person. You would think after more than 12 years of early wake-ups, nightly wake-ups, all around the clock wake-ups… you’d think I’d be used to it. But, I’m not. I still love to sleep. I keep hearing the whispers. Get up. Meet with Continue Reading

When We Drop The Mask

Mama love

When did this whole thing start? The whole dress up fancy and put on your best face for church thing. And I'm not talking about clothes here. A pastor said something recently - something that made me think... There are two reasons people don't go to church: They have never met a Continue Reading